Funeral Planning

Funeral Plans

Paying For Your Funeral Now

Just as death is a fact of life, so are funerals. As unpleasant as they may be to consider, imagine how your family will feel after they hear the devastating news of your death. It is a given that a funeral will need to be planned, and for some people, they are a heavy burden to organise during their grief. Simple questions such as burial or cremation can bring heartache to your loved ones.

You may, however, have your own opinions on how you wish to be laid to rest, and by laying out your own funeral plans, you can rest assured that your family will not have to make the bevvy of painful decisions, and your own wishes are met. You can be crystal clear in your wishes, and know that your desires will be met by your family.

The other benefit exists in being able to pay for your funeral now at the cost of today’s funerals, saving your family the heavy expense in the future. In 2013 Sun Life produced a Cost Of Dying report that showed the cost of funerals since 1997 had risen by 225%. That is a staggering about of money, and there is no sign of the rise in funeral costs will slow down. This means planning a funeral can be a huge financial burden on your family when they are grieving the most. By you paying today you ease the burden of your death from your family when they need it most.

Arranging your own funeral means you can have your say in your final send-off, making your own decisions on things such as flowers, hymns and food. You give your family the time to celebrate your life to the fullest and remove the worry of affording a necessary requirement that is becoming more and more expensive every year. The inflation on funeral expenses alone is far higher than the annual rate of inflation.

There are many varied options available for pre-paid funeral planning, with easy to understand packages that are competitively priced, you are guaranteed to find the right package for you and your family’s needs. Ensuring you get a future funeral paid for, fixed at today’s prices with the peace of mind there will be no further increase in payment in the future. Flexible payment plans also mean that you are not required to make a full payment up-front today, making the payment of your own funeral more convenient to you.

So why not enjoy your life to the fullest today, avoid the morbid discussion with your family of ensuring they know your wishes on how you want your funeral planned, and how you want to be laid to rest. Meanwhile, with your pre-paid funeral plans, you know everything will be put in place for your family in the upsetting eventuality of your death. They can be freed from the financial burden and painful decisions to be made on your funeral and simply celebrate your life before moving on with the grieving process.